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Illustrative Sample Simulations

A wide variety of sample simulations are provided, and these enable you to experiment with AstroGrav without having to go to the trouble of creating your own simulations. These sample simulations include solar system simulations, space mission simulations, exoplanet simulations, and abstract simulations, as a well as a simulation specially provided for use with the tutorial that accompanies AstroGrav. Each sample simulation has accompanying notes explaining what the simulation is, how it was created, what you can do with it, and with ideas for further investigation.

  • Abstract Systems contains simulations of a variety of abstract systems that can be studied, modified, and used as a source of ideas for further investigation.

  • Exoplanet Systems contains simulations of exoplanet systems in which the orbits and interactions of the exoplanets are in some way interesting or unusual.

  • Solar System contains a variety of solar system simulations, with each one containing different subsets of objects (planets, moons, asteroids, comets, KBOs).

  • Solar System 2 contains simulations of particular objects (asteroids, comets) in the solar system whose motion under the influence of gravity is in some way interesting or unusual.

  • Space Missions contains simulations of space missions in which "gravity assists" were used to reach the mission target.

  • A Tutorial simulation is provided for use with the tutorial that accompanies AstroGrav.