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+Basic contains the basic solar system simulations, which are the starting point for creating all other solar system simulations. They all use the ICRF/J2000.0 reference frame.

DE431 and DE431 With Moons are the most fundamental of the solar system simulations. The only difference between them is that in DE431 each planet (except the Earth) is merged with its moons to form a single object at the barycenter, whereas in DE431 With Moons each planet has its moons present.

The remaining eight simulations were created from DE431 and DE431 With Moons by using AstroGrav's Edit / Remove Objects command to remove unwanted objects, and using AstroGrav's Edit / Import Objects... command to add Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) and comets where necessary. Simulations with other combinations of objects can easily be created by using these two commands together with AstroGrav's other editing features. The simulations with less objects are usually easier to work with, and evolve more quickly - in some cases much more quickly.

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