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Early Access Versions of AstroGrav

Registered users of AstroGrav 3 are entitled to download and use early access versions of AstroGrav when they are available. These give you the opportunity to try out and comment on new features before they are finalized and released to the general public, and your feedback can help identify bugs and influence the final form that new features take.

AstroGrav Early Access Software License Agreement

Early access versions of AstroGrav are only available to registered users of AstroGrav 3, and you must install them on a computer that already has a registered copy of AstroGrav 3.x.x (any version) installed on it.

You must click on the button below to accept the AstroGrav Early Access Software License Agreement before downloading any early access versions of AstroGrav.

Accept License Agreement  |   Decline License Agreement

When you have accepted the license agreement, you can click on one of the buttons below (when available) to download the software.

Currently Available Versions

There are no early access versions of AstroGrav available at the moment. The latest version of AstroGrav (version 3.5.1) was released on 27th December 2017.

The first early access version of AstroGrav 3.6 is scheduled to be available here in January 2018.