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AstroGrav 4.5 Released for Windows and Mac

AstroGrav adds many new features and improvements to its precision solar system simulator

22nd May 2022 - AstroGrav 4.5 includes major improvements to the importing of asteroids, and to the manual drawing of angles on view windows. Information about background stars in solar system simulations is now more comprehensive, and printing facilities have been enhanced, along with many other improvements and bug fixes. Full details are available from:

Importing Asteroids

There are four new options for searching for asteroids that satisfy particular criteria, and these make it much easier to find asteroids of interest. These options are to find asteroids that are brighter than a specified magnitude, closer to the Earth than a specified distance, moving faster than a specified angular velocity, and being close to a specified point on the celestial sphere. In addition to these new options, the accuracy of the magnitudes of imported asteroids has been greatly improved.

Manually Drawn Angles

Manually drawn angles on view windows are now much more user-friendly than in earlier versions of AstroGrav. They remain visble until explicitly removed, are saved to disk so that they are still present when a simulation is re-opened, and are visible on both screen snapshots and window duplicates.

Other Improvements

Information about background stars in solar system simulations is much improved, with the addition of rise, set, and transit times when viewing from a location on Earth. Options to include planetary aberration and refraction have also been added. The font used for tables has been changed to a monospaced font, so that exported table data shown in a text editor exactly matches the table data displayed in AstroGrav. Printing enhancements include a much more sophisticated algorithm for deciding how many pages to use for a particular printout, minimizing the amount of white space and use of paper. The default page orientation has also been changed from portrait to landscape when printing a window whose width is greater than its height. Various minor improvements have been made to the sample simulations that are supplied with AstroGrav, and many other minor improvements and bug fixes complete this major upgrade.


The AstroGrav 4.5 update is free of charge, and may be downloaded and installed immediately from:

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