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AstroGrav 4.4 Released for Windows and Mac

AstroGrav adds many new features and improvements to its precision solar system simulator

6th August 2021 - AstroGrav 4.4 includes major improvements to the evolution algorithm, which greatly improves the accuracy of solar system simulations. There are also new options for searching for particular celestial positions, the drawing of trajectories and histories has been simplified, and many other improvements have been made. Full details are available from:

Evolution Improvements

There are major improvements to the evolution algorithm, which provide many benefits. In particular, the accuracy of solar system simulations is much improved in most situations.

Improved Searching

It is now possible to search for a particular celestial position on a solar system simulation's view window. This usually is done by specifying the position's right ascension and declination. However, if the view is from somewhere on the Earth's surface, there is also an option to specify the position's azimuth and altitude.

Trajectories and Histories

Trajectories and histories are no longer treated separately, but have been combined into tracks that have characteristics of both. The pairs of commands and buttons that used to handle trajectories and histories are now replaced with single commands and buttons that handle tracks, with a separate configuration command allowing the specification of 'lines only, 'labels only', or 'lines and labels'. This provides the same functionality as in earlier versions, but with a simpler, easier to understand user interface.

Other Improvements

The handling of invisible objects has been simplified, and a bug has been fixed that caused the Earth's rotational position to be out by about a minute. The column selectors at the top-left of tables have been modified so that they no longer close automatically when an item is selected, which makes it much easier to make multiple changes to columns at the same time. The 'Hilda' category has been added to the tables that are shown when importing asteroids, and plus ('+') symbols are now allowed in exponents when editing angles, making it easier to copy and paste data from websites. Many other minor improvements and bug fixes complete this major upgrade.


The AstroGrav 4.4 update is free of charge to all AstroGrav 4 license holders. They may download and install the update immediately from:

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