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AstroGrav 3.7 Released for Windows and Mac

AstroGrav adds several new commands and improvements to its precision solar system simulator

20th November 2018 - AstroGrav 3.7 includes significant enhancements to the evolution commands that improve accuracy, speed, and the range of facilities available. Simulations can now be exported and imported, preferences easily backed up or copied from one computer to another, and many other minor improvements and bug fixes have been made. Full details are available from:

Evolution Improvements

AstroGrav 3.7 includes significant improvements to both the accuracy and the speed of evolution. In addition, evolving immediately to specific solar system events has been improved with the number of event types expanded from eight to twelve. The new event types that have been added are perihelion, aphelion, ascending node, and descending node. As with existing event types, these new event types can be sought either forward or backward in time, and it's easy to repeat the process so as to find a list of forthcoming perihelia of a Comet 46P/Wirtanen for example.

Importing and Exporting Simulations

Version 3.7 of AstroGrav includes new 'Import' and 'Export' commands that allow users to export a simulation to a tab-separated text file, modify this text file with a text editor or spreadsheet software, and then import the modified text file into a new simulation. This is particularly useful when there is a need to edit many objects 'en-masse', as it can be much faster than editing the many objects one at a time.

Other Improvements

AstroGrav's preferences can now easily be exported to a text file, which can be imported at a later time in order to restore the saved preferences. This can be used to easily backup preferences or to copy preferences from one computer to another. The list of locations on the Earth has been reorganized so that custom locations are now at the top rather than at the bottom of the list, and several minor improvements have been made to the star data that is displayed after double-clicking on a background star in a solar system simulation. Commands for removing and merging objects have been made more accurate, and keyboard shortcuts have been changed where necessary so that the meta key is no longer required on Windows.


The AstroGrav 3.7 update is free of charge to all AstroGrav 3 license holders. They may download and install the update immediately from:

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