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AstroGrav 3.5 Released for Windows and Mac

AstroGrav adds major new features and enhancements to its precision solar system simulator

8th December 2017 - AstroGrav 3.5 includes a new evolution algorithm that is both more accurate and significantly faster in many cases. It also contains enhancements to the import of asteroids and comets and the handling of tables, as well as a new command for removing objects in such a way as to leave the orbits of other objects unchanged. Full details are available from:

Major Improvements

The most important update in AstroGrav 3.5 is a new evolution algorithm that combines improved accuracy with increased speed. Several improvements and bug fixes have been also been made to the import of asteroids and comets into solar system simulations, including being significantly faster in cases requiring evolution.

Table Handling

Characters such as degree, arcminute, and arcsecond symbols are now correctly preserved when table data is exported to text editor or spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Improvements to the user interface have been made, including the manual resizing of columns when 'Auto-Resize Columns' is switched on. A 'Total Velocity' column has been added to ephemeris tables, and this combines the data in the 'Radial Velocity' and 'Transverse Velocity' columns.

Removing Objects

In previous versions of AstroGrav, the only way to remove unwanted objects from a simulation had the disadvantage that the orbits of other objects were changed as a consequence. Version 3.5 of AstroGrav solves this problem with the introduction of a new command that removes objects in such a way as to leave the orbits of other objects unchanged.

Other Improvements

Many performance improvements have been made, significantly speeding up some operations. Inaccuracies in the calculation of peri longitude and position longitude values have been eliminated, and object histories now always appear on the outside of trajectories so that they are never overlapping and difficult to read. The entry of exponents has been made more flexible by allowing upper case 'E' characters and '+' symbols, and unwanted '-' symbols for dimensionless units have been removed from various parts of the user interface. Solar system simulations have been made more accurate, and there are also many other minor improvements and bug fixes.


The AstroGrav 3.5 update is free of charge to all AstroGrav 3 license holders. They may download and install the update immediately from:

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