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Tools / Create Movie   ('Tools / Create Movie' icon)

Operating Systems: All
Window Types: All
Simulation Types: All


Creates a movie of the frontmost simulation while it is evolving.


When you select this command, a small dialog will be displayed allowing you to specify what type of movie you would like to make. This provides you with the following options.

If you accept this dialog, a Create Movie file chooser dialog will be displayed. This allows you to navigate your computer's file system to choose a location and name for the movie file. If you accept this file chooser dialog and you specified an area other than the entire screen, a small panel that displays the area size (in pixels) will appear over the active window. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the size of the area (and movie) if you desire, after which you use one of the commands in the Evolve menu to run the simulation and make the movie. While creating the movie, the small panel displays the length of the movie in both seconds and frames, and movie creation stops when evolution stops. Evolution is likely to seem slower than usual due to the processing time required to create the movie as the simulation runs.


Some versions of Windows Media Player refuse to the play the movies that this command creates, but you should no trouble playing them with QuickTime Player.

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