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Edit / Merge Objects   ('Edit / Merge Objects' icon)

Operating Systems: All
Window Types: All
Simulation Types: All


Merges the current selection of objects in the active window.


When you select this command, the currently selected objects in the active window will be merged to form a single object at their barycenter (center of mass), with the volume, luminosity, mass, and momentum all being conserved. Each of the frontmost simulation's open windows will be updated to reflect the change.

Merging the currently selected objects is an alternative to simply deleting them using the Edit / Delete command. It's use is best illustrated by an example. Suppose that you had a simulation containing the Sun, Earth, and Moon, and wanted to convert this into a simulation containing just the Sun and Earth in such a way that the Earth's orbit is left unchanged. What appears as the Earth's orbit is really the orbit of the barycenter of the Earth and the Moon, so that simply deleting the Moon will result in the Earth's orbit being changed. By merging the Earth and the Moon instead, the Earth's orbit is left unchanged - after the merge the Earth's volume, luminosity, mass, position, and momentum will be equal to those of the barycenter of the Earth and the Moon prior to the merge.

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