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Edits the currently selected object in the active window.


When you select this command, the object editor will be displayed showing the twelve independent fields that describe the selected object. The upper block of six fields will be the physical elements, and the lower block of six fields will be the state elements that describe the position and velocity of the object. You can edit the visible fields and then choose OK to accept your edits, after which each of the frontmost simulation's open windows will be updated to reflect the change.

The state elements can be edited using the absolute elements, the rectangular elements, or the orbital elements, and you choose which elements you want to edit by clicking on the appropriate tab. For the orbital elements, there are multiple options available for most of the fields, giving you many different ways of describing the object's orbit.

In the case of an object that has no parent, only the absolute elements can be edited, with the other two tabs being disabled. In the case of an object that has the Earth as its parent, an additional popup menu is visible, which gives you the choice between expressing the orbital elements relative to the ecliptic, J2000, or JNow. This is very useful for editing Earth satellites whose orbital elements are usually expressed relative to J2000.

This command can also be performed by double-clicking on the object that you want to edit while holding down the Alt key.

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