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Edit / Date/Time...   ('Edit / Date/Time...' icon)

Operating Systems: All
Window Types: All
Simulation Types: All except solar system


Edits the current date/time of the frontmost simulation.


When you select this command, an input dialog will be displayed showing the date/time of the frontmost simulation, and inviting you to replace it with a new date/time. If desired, you can switch from a date to a time or vice versa, and you also have a choice of date and time units so that you are not restricted to the simulation's current unit. If you accept the input dialog, AstroGrav will change the date/time of the frontmost simulation to the specified value. Each of the frontmost simulation's open windows will be updated to reflect the change.


This command only edits the date/time; it does not evolve the frontmost simulation to the specified date/time. If you want to evolve a simulation to a particular date/time, use the Evolve / Evolve To... command.

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