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Ephemeris windows let you view a simulation in the form of a table with ephemeris data in the columns, and with each object's data occupying one row of the table. Objects can be selected to generate ephemerides for them.

You can open a new ephemeris window by using the Window / New Ephemeris command, or by using the Window / Duplicate command on an existing ephemeris window.

Generating Ephemerides

Each ephemeris window contains the following components.

Having chosen an object and clicked on the Generate button, a new tab will be added, which shows an ephemeris table for that particular object. This table is similar to the ephemeris chooser, but with the following differences.

When first created, an ephemeris table has just one row, which shows the object's data for the current epoch. You can then use one of the commands in the Evolve menu to run the simulation and generate the ephemeris. You get one row of an ephemeris for each time step, so you might first want to use the Evolve / Settings... command to change the time step.

The ephemeris chooser's Generate button can be used multiple times to generate multiple ephemerides in one ephemeris window, with each object's ephemeris becoming visible when its particular tab is selected.

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