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AstroGrav icon    Exercise 8 - What To Do Next

This exercise contains suggestions for what to do next. If you've been through all the earlier exercises and reached this stage, you should by now have a reasonable command of the basics of AstroGrav, and be ready to start investigating on your own. The following sections contain a few ideas that you may find useful.

AstroGrav Help

AstroGrav Help contains comprehensive information for helping you with all aspects of using AstroGrav. It's a good idea to at least scan through the Contents in order to appreciate how the information is organized, so that you will quickly be able to find anything you want later.

New Family 'Quick Setup' Options

The exercise on Adding New Families of Objects only looked at one of the many Quick Setup options. It's a good idea to run through this exercise again trying each of the Quick Setup options in turn, in order to get a good understanding of how to create different types of object families.

Sample Simulations

There are a wide variety of Sample Simulations provided with AstroGrav, which you can investigate and use as a basis for your own simulations. In particular, experimenting with the Two Body System sample simulation is good way to improve your understanding of the Orbital Elements.

Online Resources

You will be able to find large numbers of online resources by using a search engine such as Google together with suitable search terms. In particular, searching with terms such as explain, orbit, and orbital elements will lead you to web pages that contain much more information on orbital elements than is presented by AstroGrav Help itself.


Last but by no means least, experimentation is an excellent way to improve your understanding of AstroGrav, and it's also the most fun!

Enjoy using AstroGrav!

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