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Collapsing Cloud

This simulation shows a cloud of 100 identical objects that are initially stationary, and which collapse towards their barycenter when the simulation is set running. It was created by making a new simulation, and then using the Edit / Add Family... command with the '3D Collapsing Cloud' quick setup, edited to a family size of 100, a radius of 5.0e8 m, a luminosity of 1.0e25 W, a mass of 1.0e30 kg, and a semi-major axis bias of 3. The original central object was then removed.

If you set the simulation running, you can watch how it evolves, and see how the stars gather together to form larger and larger stars under the influence of their mutual gravity, until there is only one very large star left at the center. You can also use the Evolve / Settings... command to change the 'Collisions' from 'Combine' to 'Bounce' before setting the simulation running. You will then see the stars gather together at the center as before, but without merging to make fewer and larger stars.

Since different computers run at different speeds, you may need to edit the evolution time step to get the simulation to run at an acceptable rate.

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