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AstroGrav / Preferences...

Operating Systems: Mac only
Window Types: All
Simulation Types: All


Edits the AstroGrav preferences.


When you select this command, the AstroGrav preferences dialog will be displayed.

At the top of the preferences dialog there are a Restore Defaults button on the left and Open... and Save As... buttons on the right. The Restore Defaults button returns the preferences to their original values when AstroGrav was first installed. The Save As... button allows you to save your preferences in an XML file that can later be opened using the Open... button, so that these two buttons can be used either to transfer your preferences from one computer to another, or as way of backing up your preferences. The preferences that are saved include not only those that can be edited with the preferences dialog, but also your custom locations and list of recently opened simulations.

The remainder of the preferences dialog is a tabbed interface that has separate tabs for general preferences and for each of the different window types.

General Preferences (General preferences icon)

The general preferences apply to the application as a whole, and are as follows.

View Preferences (View preferences icon)

The view preferences apply only to view windows, and are as follows.

Table Preferences (Table preferences icon)

The table preferences apply only to table windows, and are as follows.

Structure Preferences (Structure preferences icon)

The structure preferences apply only to structure windows, and are as follows.

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